Third Trimester Drawings

Here are various pieces of work from my third trimester at school. Below are my final two long poses of Giovanni and Sylvia and an accompanying value study for each. Sylvia, I regret to inform, is unfinished. I have posted a small sampling of pencil drawings as well as my final two bargue drawings of both the leg and the Belvedere Torso.

Giovanni, Charcoal, 2012. 

Sylvia, Charcoal, 2012.


Bargue Leg Lithograph Copy, Charcoal, 2012

Bargue Belvedere Torso Lithograph Copy , Charcoal on Paper, 2012.

So, above are my final two bargue drawings, while below I thought I would post this cast drawing I did of the Belvedere Torso two years ago under Andrew Lattimore's instruction. To repeat, bargue drawings are copied from drawings (2D) rather than from a physical three dimensional object (such as a cast). It is strange to see the Belvedere cast drawing side by side the bargue drawing. I don't think I even knew what a "bargue" was at the time of drawing from the cast, let alone that I placed it in virtually the same position. Anyway I have acquired enough of a relationship with the Belvedere Torso for this lifetime and I am ready to move onto casts again this upcoming year. I'll be changing studios and I am also enrolled in an evening sculpture course twice a week, so lots of change coming up!

Belvedere Cast Study, Charcoal, 2010.