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Drawings, Winter / Spring 2013

"Cellini Cast" Charcoal on Paper, 2013

Maria Virginia, Charcoal & White Chalk, 2013

"Anna Rosa" Charcoal and White Chalk on Toned Paper, 2013

Faun Cast Drawing in Progress

"Maria Virginia" Pencil on Paper, 2013

Giulia Sketch, 2013

The drawing of Anna Rosa, I am happy to announce, was awarded Figure Drawing of the Year. Anna Rosa is such an incredible model, so absolutely present and still. I really loved drawing her. She is also a burlesque dancer and has a great blog of what it is like from the models side of the equation. I recommend reading it:

I have officially "finished" the Drawing Program of the Florence Academy of Art (though it is silly to think I have finished learning anything, but I understand the sentiment). I began painting the figure in late March whilst continuing working on cast drawings in charcoal. The final cast shown of the Faun is not quite finished due to the unforeseen passing of my grandfather that required my coming back to the US of A a bit earlier than expected. 

I included two pencil sketches. One of the sketches is of Maria Virginia, one of my favorite models. She has such a big heart. The charcoal portrait is also of her, and in my final trimester I worked on a painting of her. The painting was unfinished due to an incredibly challenging setup, in which I ended up spending 3/4 of the time on the transfer drawing. I learned a hell of a lot though and was forced to adapt a new way of recording information in my brain - so in that sense, it was a success. Isn't that the point of all this study?

All for now!